Land Code - Expression of Interest

Matrimonial Real Property/Interim Spousal Property Law /
Matrimonial Real Property Law Working Group (MRPLWG)

What: We are Inviting an Expression of Interest letter from Musqueam Members to participate in the volunteer MRPL-Working Group (MRPLWG)

Who: Two Musqueam Members will be appointed one (1) Male & one (1) Female

Why: The Matrimonial Real Property Law Working Group is working with the Musqueam Land Code Committee to develop the law, with Musqueam community input. Our Band Legal Counsel has prepared a draft Law to assist the work of the MRPL-Working Group.

How: Please provide an Expression of interest letter to attention of Land Code Coordinator

Expression of Interest closing date: Thurs, January 23, 2014 @ 4:30 pm

Questions? Please call Kim A. Guerin, Coordinator, Musqueam Land Code

Phone: 604-263-3261 or 1-866-282-3261