News Archive - August 2012

Wednesday 22, August. 2012.

Musqueam Council express gratitude to the Protectors of Marpole

Negotiations with Developer, Province and City of Vancouver Ongoing

Press Release - (August 22nd,...

Monday 13, August. 2012.

The Times Colonist
Tribes square off in fishing-rights dispute

Monday 13, August. 2012.

The Globe and Mail
‘How could they do that to burial grounds?’: First nations activist right on Point

Wednesday 8, August. 2012.

stem (what): EMERGENCY Community Fisheries Meeting

təmtem (when): Wednesday, August 8th, 2012, 5:00 p.m

niʔ ʔəncə (where): Main...

Tuesday 7, August. 2012.

Musqueam Community Notice
Fisheries Department


Please be aware, there is going to be an Elder/Disability Fish Distribution